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Nick Cash



Born 1955 Oxford


After foundation at St Martins 1974-75 and seeing the first Sex Pistols gig I started art/punk clothing shop Pollock’s in Brixton. I played drums in a squat band in Villa Road. In 1978 I Joined forces with Sue Gogan, John Studholme and David Boyd to form prag VEC, and later The Lines, recording two albums and five singles. In the last ten years all the back catalogue has been re-released by Acute Records N.Y.


In 1979 Frank Tovey another former St Martinite asked me to play percussion/drums on first Fad Gadget album fireside Favourites, I went on to record and tour with him for five more albums. In the early 1980s affordable machines like the Akai s900 made sampling and looping easier and more creative with the ability to filter sound & stretch time. I began to think about a corollary in visual terms, using sellotape to sample images from magazines, making collage /uncollage. In 2006 after a lot of procrastination I started art making in earnest again. An interest in Brutalist Architecture and a meeting with Izi Metzstein led to ‘Drumming About Architecture’ a video homage to St Peter’s Seminary in Scotland.


For many years in addition to playing in bands I bought and sold post war furniture and collectables. A fascination with the design of Max Clendinning came about while researching furniture of the period and in 2012 I curated an exhibition about his work at Chelsea Space.


I am still playing drums and recording with The Members, making collage and curating a peripatetic micro gallery Paste Table Gallery. 


2016 July What is Erotic? –Alison Khoeler -Paris

2016 July 15-Aug 21 Bricolage- Causey Contemporary NY

2016 July 7 Collagiste Collective & Creative Debut -London

2016 June 30- 13 July  Multiples & Petits Formats -Arnaud Lefebvre Paris

2015 July 1st  The Story So Far, Paste Table Gallery

2015 Sept 26   Paste Table Gallery, Ealing Central Library

2015 March 31 April  18 - Paste Table Gallery @ Westminster Reference Library

2015 Mar  12-21 Mar 'Autoportrait' Portrait d’artiste Gallerie Arnaud Lefebvre Paris

2015 Jan 15-Feb 1 'Art of Chance' solo show @Hardy Tree Gallery

2014 Nov 12 - 16th Dec Turtle Salon ARTicle Gallery Birmingham

2014 June 7th - City Rural curated by Matt Hale

2014 Feb 22-23 - St Edmund Hall Oxford University

2014 Feb 5th - 8th - Return To Splendour, Marylebone Lane, London 

2013 Joined Sage Arts Warehouse a charity that works with disadvantaged people.

2012 July – ‘Art Punk Sample’ – Solo art exhibition – Hardy Tree Gallery Kings X London

 2012 Curated - Avant Craft #44 Max Clendinning: Chelsea Space

 2012 April ‘Turtle Salon’ Brighton

 2012  5 April – 5 may PO(M) Arnaud Lefebvre @ Galerie Ivana    

        Gavardie 10 rue des Beaux-Arts 75006 Paris

 2012 March ‘Turtle Salon’ Meter Room, Coventry

 2012 Feb. 29 April 4 - ‘FG ft’  Envoy Enterprises Gallery N Y

 2012 Feb Turtle Salon @ Hardy Tree Gallery, London

 2011 Dec ‘The Four by Six Show’ Hardy Tree Gallery - Kings X, London

 2011 Oct  ‘Turtle Salon’ - Performance  ‘Live Transmissions’ films and live percussion and sound design.   Galerie Arnaud Lefebvre Paris

 2011 Sept. Borsani Chair (S88 model) scary Chair Film on YouTube 

Matt Hale

Born 1958, studied at Chelsea Schools of Art London 1978-81 and Goldsmiths and 1985-86. Has exhibited mostly at artist organised spaces- City Racing, London (where he was co organiser 1988-98), Galerie Grüppe Grün, Bremen, Bricks& +KIcks ,Vienna, Transmission, Glasgow, Red Gallery, Hull. Also at Tate Modern in Century City and Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NYC, U.S.A +

Matt Hale spent 10 years as one of the five artists managing, facilitating, exhibiting, funding and touring 52 shows both at City Racing, Oval, London and abroad in Germany, Austria, Scotland+ whilst simultaneously making his own work, exhibiting in both major museums and artists run spaces.  After the closure of C.R. Matt co-ordinated, part wrote and edited a book situating and evaluating the experience, The Life and Times of an Artist Run Gallery 1988-98, Black Dog Publishing

Since 1991 Matt has been a consultant at Art Monthly magazine where he is radio host and ads manager.

Solo Exhibitions
Telpost, Millingen ann de Rhjn, Netherlands 2014 (residency exhibition) Red Gallery, Hull, Humberside1999
PPQ Headquarters, London1993
City Racing, London 1990
Goldsmiths Gymnasium Gallery, London1988


Group/two person exhibitions

Telpost, Millingen, ann de Rhjn, Netherlands,two person installation with Barbara Nicholls

2015 Kleve, Germany  two person.

Paste Table, Pitzhanger Manor, London

ArToll, Kleve, Germany, November (residency and exhibition)
After Image Emerson Gallery Berlin, Germany
City Rural, Hanwell, London with Nick Cash, Robert Ellis, Andre Macbeth & Barbara Nicholls Paste Table,Westminster Reference Library, London

The Opinion Makers, Enclave Gallery, London

Beyond The Ambit, Project Number/4, (P/N),London Fraternise, Beaconsfield, London

Inside/Outside,The Edge, Eastside, Birmingham

Penned at Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC 27601 Ellipse Arts Center,Arlington,VA
Penned at Ellipse Arts Center,Arlington,VA, USA

Artscape in Baltimore


Black Box E:vent Gallery, London

Provopolis, Keir Hardie Hall Working Men's Club, Norwich Chronic Epoch, Beaconsfield

Anti-Panto, Floating IP Gallery, Manchester

Quench, Falmouth Art College, Falmouth

Portrait project at Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt Century City, Sally Barker Gallery @ Tate Modern, London Century City- City Racing FamilyTree collaborative work- Tate Modern, London
Record Collection VTO Gallery, London
Adrift, Rotterdam, Holland
Art Mart, 291 Gallery, London
Themeless Sally Barker Gallery @ 291 Gallery, London The Water Project Crossover UK, Mile End Park, London Video as performance tool,The Lux, Hoxton Sq., London

Zero G Clare College Mission Church, London
Centre For Detention, Clerkenwell Green, London Reflections, Southside Arts, Southampton
Two degrees, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NYC, U.S.A. City Racing 1988-1998 – A partial Account, I.C.A. , London

It Looks Like Rain Royal College of Art, B16 Birmingham & (toured to Europe and Mexico)

Venus, 1a Elfort Road, London
Close To Home U.F.F. Galéria, Budapest, Hungry The Last Show City Racing, London

Young Parents The Annual Programme Riverside Mews, Manchester
B.O.N.GO Bricks and Kicks,Vienna,Austria
Goldsmiths College, University of London
Life Live with City Racing, Musee de la Cite de Paris and CCB Belem, Lisbon, Portugal

A Twist of Fete Holly Street, London
Art Special Hansa Köln, Germany
Sad Gasworks, London
Absolut Secret Royal College of Art, London

Faction Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark. 1995

Chigwell Public Library, Chigwell, Essex

City Racing, London - two person- with Chris Kinsella. City Racing Galerie Grüppe Grün, Bremen, Germany

Transmission Gallery, Glasgow Hit and Run 50 Tufton St, London

Homage to the Square 2, Flaxman Gallery, London City Racing, London (two person- with Kate Smith)

SHOW, City Racing, London

Interim Jeune 2 Interim Art, London City Racing, London

Blue Nose Gallery, London
Whitechapel Open Whitechapel Art Gallery London

Goldsmiths Gallery, London

Unit Seven Gallery, London D.I.Y. Gallery, London

Collaborative art projects

With Chance De Silva Architects on various projects including Venus Elfort Rd, London. City Racing Galley (artists run) 1988-98 with John Burgess, Keith Coventry, Paul Noble and Peter Owen. 


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